Overview of Kaslo from the West, 1950's
Kaslo Provincial Building, 1950's

I trained with with Master Luthier Michael Dunn, and was mentored for a short time by Ray Nurse, twenty years ago. And have since done some additional short bursts of training with Michael Vann, Raymond Schryer and Summit School of Guitar Building.

After training I built and repaired stringed instruments for several years. During which time I received a few grants and turned my focus to 19th century guitars and original designs.

My path, since then, has wound it ‘s way through many beautiful and unexpected groves of love and pain (with instruments always hovering in the background) and I now I find myself in Kaslo returning to those luthier foundations starting a repair business for stringed instruments.

I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you with the creation of an easy and fulfilling relationship with your instrument.

Recent News:
As of August 1st/11 I have expanded the repair workshop to include a small storefront. Check this link for more info:

Gratefully Yours